SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Chargers – Food Options

The home of both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams, SoFi Stadium has hosted various NFL games, concerts from popular musical artists, and the annual college football LA Bowl.

SoFi Stadium - Los Angeles Chargers - Food Options

Located in Inglewood, California, SoFi is an entertainment and sports complex that offers a variety of foods inspired by different cuisines.

The food program within the stadium was created by two James Beard award-winning chefs, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.

The two had the goal of creating a menu that was inspired by the city of Los Angeles whilst bringing in different cultures within the cuisine and also making food that reflected both their personal tastes and the ambiance of a stadium.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of food is offered.

Concessions At SoFi Stadium

The concessions at SoFi Stadium are arranged a little differently thanks to that aforementioned food program.

The concession stands are split into four, all of which are named after notable streets in Los Angeles.

The stands are Fairfax Avenue, San Vicente, Sawtelle, and Olvera Street and each one offers something different in terms of themes of cuisines. 

Fairfax Avenue: Fairfax has a classical deli and burger joint vibe, serving chips and Queso, chili dogs, classical hot dogs, and subs, including a chicken salad sub and a cheeseburger sub.

The cheeseburger sub is a well-known sandwich from the Fairfax Avenue stand, featuring a burger in the shape of a giant rectangle along with a buttery potato bun, ketchup, mustard, cheese, and pickles. 

San Vicente: This is more of an Italian-themed concession stand, serving pepperoni pizzas, Italian cheese pizzas, Stromboli dogs, and bread and meatballs.

They also offer a dessert option too in the form of individual chocolate pudding cups.

The Stromboli dog is a noteworthy addition to the menu here, taking the classical sausage from a hot dog and wrapping it in delicious garlic knots.

It is served with marinara sauce as well, for an extra burst of deliciousness. 

Sawtelle: Sawtelle offers Asian fusion-themed food as well as chicken dishes.

Their menu consists of crispy chicken sandwiches and strips, Tsunami tots- which are crisp tater tots finished off with kepie mayonnaise, eel sauce, furikake, and sriracha aioli.

The crispy chicken sandwich is a favorite at the Sawtelle concessions stand, thanks to the juicy chicken strips, potato bun, sriracha mayonnaise, sweet soy sauce, and the carrot, cucumber and cabbage slaw fillings.

The stand also offers a dessert in the form of an almond panna cotta, which is similar to a yogurt dish thanks to the fruit layer.

The Asian inspiration combined with the classic stadium food fare makes for a uniquely delicious experience in SoFi with the Sawtelle concessions. 

Olvera Street: The final concession stand is themed on Mexican styles of cuisine and features burritos, Mexican chicken tinga nachos, shrimp tacos, and Mexican beef tinga nachos.

The standout here is the tinga nachos, which perfectly combine marinated chicken or beef tinga with sour cream, pickled jalapeños, black olives, tomatoes, and salsa and places them on a bed of warm queso alongside tortilla chips.

SoFi Stadium - Los Angeles Chargers - Food Options

Classic Food At SoFi Stadium

As mentioned above, SoFi Stadium does offer some classical stadium food in the form of hot dogs, chips, and a combination of burgers and sub sandwiches with the cheeseburger subs.

The other concession stands do offer classical foods too, though they have more of a multicultural twist on them, such as the Italian-themed Stromboli hot dogs. 

Restaurants Near SoFi Stadium

There are a range of restaurants right near the SoFi Stadium that you can get to with ease should you want something other than the concessions that the stadium offers.

Some of these neighboring restaurants include:

  • In-N- Out: If you’re craving some simple fast food, head to In-N-Out for a burger and fries. To order, you can either go into the restaurant or pull into the drive-thru.
  • Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen: This coffee shop is perfect if you are in the mood for some caffeine or something a little lighter, such as toasts, sandwiches, melts, or crispy shrimp tacos. They also offer some delicious powdered sugar beignets for those with a sweet tooth. To order from this establishment, walk straight in or go online to order for a pickup
  • 106 Seafood Underground: If seafood is more your style, you can find a huge variety of it over at 106 Seafood Underground, such as shrimp and salsa. You will need to call the restaurant directly to place to reserve your place if you want to eat here. 
  • Country Style Jamaican: For Jamaican-themed cuisines- from oxtail soup to curried goat- Country Style Jamaican is the way to go. You can preorder from this restaurant on Yelp or simply walk in. 

How Much Does Food Cost At SoFi Stadium?

This will vary from stand to stand, but you can grab smaller snacks- such as potato chips, soft pretzels, or hot dogs- for around $4 or $5. 

Heartier meals are more expensive, such as cheese pizza which costs around $15, meatballs costing about $20, and salad at around $12. 

Can You Bring Food Into SoFi Stadium?

You cannot bring any outside food into SoFi Stadium, but you can bring in one factory-sealed water bottle as long as it weighs 20 ounces or less. 

What Restaurants Are Inside SoFi Stadium?

The only eateries available in SoFi Stadium are the four concession stands that we talked about above. 

How Much Does Beer Cost At SoFi Stadium? 

The cost of beer varies in SoFi Stadium, with premium beers costing around $17, craft beers costing $19, and Bud Light costing a cheaper $13. 

Are There Vegetarian Options At SoFi Stadium?

Yes! The four concessions stands do have a few options for vegetarians, though not as many as some might like.

Some of these options include vegan chili and veggie burgers at Fairfax Avenue, kale salads at San Vicente, and vegetables with a miso dip and tater tots at Sawtelle.

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