State Farm Stadium – Glendale, Arizona (Home Of The Arizona Cardinals)

The State Farm Stadium is a multipurpose stadium that can be found in Glendale, in Arizona. This stadium is the current home of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. It cost around $455 million to create and build.

State Farm Stadium - Glendale, Arizona (Home Of The Arizona Cardinals)

This included $395.4 million that was used to make the stadium and $41.7 million that was spent on improvements. 

Keep reading to learn more about the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. 

How Many Seats Are In State Farm Stadium?

After three years, the State Farm Stadium was finally completed in 2006. This stadium has a capacity of around 63,400, but it does have the ability to expand its seating up to 73,000.

With multiple different levels, so no matter where you sit in the stadium, you will get a perfect view of what you are watching.

Fans enjoy their unobstructed views they receive in this stadium.

In addition to that, there is plenty of premium seating for you to enjoy, including 7,505 club seats and 88 lofts. 

Directions – How To Get To State Farm Stadium

There are various ways to be able to get to the State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The stadium is situated in the Glendale Sports and Entertainment District.

This is located just off the Arizona Loop on the 101 Freeway. The stadium is between Cardinals Way/Bethany Home Road and Glendale Avenue.  

If you are coming from the south, you will exit the 101 Freeway on your right. Then you will find the stadium on your left.

Although, if you are coming from the north, then you will take the Arizona Loop 101 South. You will exit the freeway at Glendale Avenue and then take the first left into 99th Avenue.

After that, take another left onto Maryland Avenue and you will need to drive over the bridge, as the stadium will then appear on your left. 

Where To Park Near State Farm Stadium?

When there isn’t an event on, complimentary public parking is made available for guests who are visiting the Arizona Cardinals Team Store or the Stadium Ticket Office.

Alongside that, this parking is also available for ticket holders of private tours or behind the scenes tours of the stadium.

This parking lot is situated in the North Preferred Car park, which is at the corner of 95th and Maryland Avenues. 

When there is an event at the stadium, there are various parking lots that you can use.

If you have used mobile prepaid parking, then you should follow the directions that you have been given to your specific parking lot.

Anyone who hasn’t prepaid for parking, should be prepared to pay using credit cards, as they don’t take cash. 

There are around 24,000 parking spaces for you to park in. You can park in the following parking lots near the stadium:

  • North Parking,
  • East Preferred,
  • Arizona Cardinals Parking,
  • East Lot,
  • W4,
  • W2,
  • West Preferred.
State Farm Stadium - Glendale, Arizona (Home Of The Arizona Cardinals)

Other State Farm Stadium Frequently Asked Questions 

What Events Can You Watch At The State Farm Stadium?

The State Farm Stadium is the home to the NFL Arizona Cardinals Football team.

In addition to that, the State Farm Stadium also holds the annual Fiesta Bowl, alongside various other entertainment and sports activities and events.

Thanks to the natural roll-out grass and retractable roof, this stadium can easily be converted to suit its needs. 

This stadium has been lucky enough to host two NFL Super Bowls, the 2017 NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship, and two National College Football Championships. 

When Is The Ticket Office Open?

The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday between 10 am until 6pm. The price of a ticket to watch the Arizona Cardinals varies.

They typically sell for $120 on average, but depending on where you want to sit, the price will increase or decrease. 

What Awards Has State Farm Received?

This stadium is known for giving fans a high quality experience for participants, fans and event organizers.

Especially, as the State Farm Stadium was named as the Event Site Of The Year in 2007 by the Event Solutions Magazine.

In addition to that, Sports Illustrated named the State Farm Stadium as the best playing surface in the NFL in 2008.

It has also been recognized in 2006 to 2007 by Sports Business Daily and the Sports Business Journal as the best facility for NFL too. 

Why Did State Farm Stadium Change Their Name?

Originally, the Cardinals had to play in the Sun Devil Stadium, but they were frustrated they didn’t have their own stadium. Then,  State Farm Stadium opened its doors in 2006. 

Since then, it has gone through a couple of name changes. It originally opened as the Cardinals Stadium in 2006, but in that same year the University of Phoenix claimed naming rights and named it the University of Phoenix Stadium.

After that, the State Farm insurance company also acquired their own naming rights for an 18-year commitment, and that’s how we got the State Farm Stadium. 

What Is The State Farm Stadium Health & Safety Information? (Relating To COVID)

The team at State Farm is always closely monitoring the COVID situation. On their website, they have posted the following guidelines.

However, it is always important to check these guidelines, in case they have changed just before your visit. 

State Farm is still following precaution guidelines, set by public health organizations and the CDC.

These include regulating handwashing and safety recommendations around the stadium for staff and guests.

There is frequent sanitation and claiming of restrooms and public spaces.

With various hand sanitizing stations located around the stadium. 

At the time of writing, there is no mention of whether masks are to be worn.

Therefore, you can assume that it is a personal choice, but the stadium is doing everything possible to keep everywhere clean and sanitized. 

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