TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville, Florida (Home Of The Jacksonville Jaguars)

TIAA Bank Field, which has previously been known as EverBank Field, Alltel Stadium, and Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, is located in Jacksonville Florida.

It is the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, members of the AFC South Division.

TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville, Florida (Home Of The Jacksonville Jaguars)

TIAA Bank Field officially opened in 1995 and cost around $121 million to build.

But the land upon which it is built has been home to football fields since the early twentieth century.

The first permanent stadium was built upon the land in 1928, and this was further developed in 1948 to create the Gator Bowl Stadium.

When TIAA Bank Field was constructed, portions of the historic stadium were built into the design. TIAA Bank Field really is a historic stadium when it comes to football.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were originally founded in November 1993, and they have always been known as the Jacksonville Jaguars.

TIAA Bank Field has always been the Jaguars home, and it is because of the creation of this team that all the expansion work to the Stadium occurred.

How Many Seats Are In TIAA Bank Field?

TIAA Bank Field has a seating capacity of 67,184. The stadium itself is constructed with multiple levels of seating, all of which are split into sections.

Some of these sections have a capacity of 100 people, others have a capacity of 200 people, and larger sections have seating for 400 people. Since the stadium was first constructed, the seating capacity has increased significantly.

The stadium also has a number of luxury suites around the stadium that offer intimate and personalized experiences to guests, with incredible views of the field from your own private suite.

Directions – How To Get To TIAA Bank Field

The TIAA Bank Field stadium can be easily reached by car, no matter where you are traveling from. It can be accessed North on I-95, South on I-95, and East on I-10.

If you are traveling North on I-95, the stadium can be accessed by following the signs for TIAA Bank Field on Union Street.

Alternatively, if you are traveling South on the I-95 or East on the I-10, the stadium can be found by following the signs for TIAA Bank Field on Duval Street.

TIAA Bank Field can also be accessed via the Beaches on Arlington Expressway. If you are traveling from this direction, simply take the TIAA Bank Field exit on the Coliseum/Florida Avenue exit. Signs will direct you to the stadium from here.

Where To Park Near TIAA Bank Field

If you are traveling to TIAA Bank Field in your car, then you will need somewhere to park. Thankfully, there is a considerable amount of parking surrounding TIAA Bank Field.

One of the most convenient places to park your vehicle for a Jacksonville Jaguars match is in the Jacksonville Fairgrounds, and this location is perfect if you are entertaining your family during the match.

But, if you are unable to park at this location, there are lots of other parking spaces within a short walking distance of the stadium.

This includes the 1125 Oakley St. lot, 639 Talleyrand Ave. lot, and 543 Talleyrand Ave. lot.

Other TIAA Bank Field Frequently Asked Questions

What Was TIAA Bank Field Before?

TIAA Bank Field has gone through a number of different name changes since it was first built in 1995. Initially, the stadium was known as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium for the first year after it was built.

Then the name changed to Alltel Stadium, which remained in place until 2006. From 2007 to 2010, the name reverted to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, then in 2010 it was changed to EverBank Field.

The stadium remained known as EverBank Field until 2018 when it became known as TIAA Bank Field. This new name was given to the stadium in line with a naming agreement with the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).

Does TIAA Bank Field Sell Alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is sold at TIAA Bank Field. However, some safety practices have been brought in to regulate the sale of alcohol, and ensure that everybody who drinks at the stadium is safe.

These include ID checks every single time an alcoholic beverage is purchased, and a limit to the number of alcoholic drinks that can be purchased at one time. At the time of writing, this limit is set to 2 drinks per person.

Can I Visit The Jaguars Stadium?

Yes, you can visit the Jaguars stadium. Of course, it is possible to enter TIAA Bank Field on a match day if you have a ticket, but it is also possible to visit the stadium on days when there aren’t Jaguars matches too.

Like many stadiums, TIAA Bank Field runs tours of the stadium to give fans behind the scenes access. So, if you want to visit the stadium, this is a great way to do so.

How Much Is Parking At TIAA Bank Field?

As is the case for many stadiums, parking at TIAA Bank Field isn’t cheap.

Especially not if you are visiting on the day of a Jaguars match.

Usually, you will have to pay around $30 to park in any of the parking lots associated with TIAA Bank Field on the day of a Jaguars game.

Of course, this price is subject to change.

Does TIAA Bank Field Have A Roof?

No, TIAA Bank Field doesn’t have a roof.

A large portion of the seats in the stadium are covered, but the field isn’t covered, so there is no guarantee that you will remain dry in your seat if it rains during a jaguars match.

When Was TIAA Bank Field Built?

TIAA Bank Field was one of many sports stadiums that were built in the late 1990s.

With changes to the leagues, more teams were created, and so, more stadiums were needed.

Work on TIAA Bank Field was completed in 1995, and the stadium officially opened its doors on the 18th of August 1995.

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