TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville Jaguars – Food Options

Previously known as EverBank Field, TIAA Bank Field is the home of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, located in Jacksonville, Florida.

TIAA Bank Field - Jacksonville Jaguars - Food Options

As well as hosting NFL games, the stadium is also the host of the annual Georgia vs. Florida college football games as well as other events such as concerts.

The home of the Jags offers relatively standard fare in terms of stadium food- such as pizza and hot dogs- but that is usually what most stadium goers are looking for. 

Concessions At TIAA Bank Field

As we mentioned above, TIAA Bank Field tends to offer traditional staples in stadium food. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Classics: TIAA Stadium offers food such as hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, fries, and peanuts etc. You can get a cheesy twist on classical popcorn too with an order of Cheetos popcorn, which is pretty much what you would expect. This is regular popcorn that has been dusted with Cheetos cheese powder, with a few Cheetos thrown in for good measure.  
  • Pizza: Pizza is another popular item when it comes to stadium food, and you can get either cheese or pepperoni pizza at TIAA Bank Field. You can also opt for The Monster Slice, which- as the name suggests- is a massively oversized pizza slice, perfect for you to snack on whilst watching a game. When we say monster sized, we mean it, as they are about the same size as your forearm! You can grab yourself a monster pizza slice in the South End Zone of the stadium.
  • Burgers: At Tailgate Grills, you can grab yourself a delicious burger, known as Jaxson’s Classic Burger. The burger features a beef patty with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and additional ingredients should you so choose. 
  • Tacos: The Corona Taquería Stands offer some tasty takes on the classic street taco. These tacos feature meat- a choice of chicken or beef-, sweet onions, limes, cilantro, queso fresco, and more. The tacos have a nice spice to them without being too hot. 
  • Ravioli: You can get yourself baskets of four cheese ravioli in the North End Zone. These raviolis are similar to nachos and cheese, featuring a marinara dipping sauce. 
  • Barbecue: Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q offers various barbecue-themed food, such as pork sandwiches and barbecue nachos. You can get sweet tea too. 
  • Jambalaya: Though not as standard as some of the other stadium food, the choice of Jambalaya offers something fresh and a little different. You can grab yourself some chicken and andouille jambalaya- a classical southern American dish that features braised chicken thighs, dirty rice, creole sauce, andouille sausage, and vegetables- at the North End Zone in the stadium. 
  • Desserts: There is also a range of classic desserts that are available throughout the stadium, such as sweet popcorn and ice cream.
TIAA Bank Field - Jacksonville Jaguars - Food Options

Classic Food At TIAA Bank Field

As we discussed, a fair amount of the food at TIAA Bank Field is made up of classical stadium food such as pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, and burgers. 

Restaurants At TIAA Bank Field

There are plenty of restaurants in the area near the stadium, should you want to venture a little further outward, including:

  • BB’s Restaurant + Bar: Offers a variety of food from seafood to meat to vegan and vegetarian friendly options. 
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House: If it’s steak you are after before or after a game, this restaurant is sure to be a nearby treat. 
  • The Bearded Pig BBQ: A great selection of barbecue and sides within a short distance of the stadium. 
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company: This one is a little further out- 1.7 miles away from the stadium- but it is a versatile café that orders all manner of quick bites, such as biscuits and gravy.  

How Much Does Food Cost At TIAA Bank Field?

In terms of costs, you can expect to pay the average that is associated with stadium food. Let’s take a closer look at some prices to expect:

  • Small Hot Dog: $5
  • Popcorn:b $7
  • Pizza: $10
  • Foot Long Chili Dog: $12
  • Barbecue Skewer: $11
  • Cheeseburgers/ Barbecue Sandwiches/Chicken Tenders with Fries: over $10

These are just a few of the prices that you will find, but keep in mind that they will vary from item to item. 

Can You Bring Food Into The TIAA Bank Field?

According to the official website for TIAA Bank Field, you can bring outside food into the stadium under certain conditions.

If you want to bring in outside food, you have to ensure that it is unwrapped and placed within a clear plastic bag that is strictly one-gallon and larger than around 11 by 11 inches.

In order to ensure that your food is appropriate to bring into the stadium, it will be subject to visual inspection. Be aware that your food might be subject to further inspection. 

Although outside food is permitted, within the stadium, beverages and liquids are not. The only exception to this rule is if they are medically required liquids.

You can contact the customer service team at TIAA Bank Field should you have any questions at

What Restaurants Are Inside TIAA Bank Field?

Various local restaurants have got their food on offer within the stadium.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At TIAA Bank Field?

Bottled beers cost between $10 and $12 at the stadium, and certain concessions stands also offers a choice of other alcoholic drinks and cocktails with varying prices. 

Who Provides The Concessions At TIAA Bank Field?

The provider of the concessions and the catering at the stadium is Delaware North Sports Services. You can read the full concessions guide for the stadium by downloading the official Jaguars app. 

What Is The Alcohol Service Policy At TIAA Bank Field?

The stadium utilizes an alcohol service policy- implemented by the Delaware North Sportservices- to ensure the safety of all visitors.

This policy states that everyone who orders alcohol will need to have their ID checked for every order, and that no person is able to receive more than two alcoholic beverages at a time per ID. 

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