U.S. Bank Stadium – Minneapolis, Minnesota (Home Of The Minnesota Vikings)

U.S. Bank Stadium is the home to the Minnesota Vikings NFL football team. This stadium can be found in downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota.

The stadium was built on the former Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

In 2016, the U.S. Bank Stadium opened its doors and became the Viking’s new home.

The U.S. Bank purchased the naming rights of the stadium in a 25-year-long deal, worth around $220 million, that was agreed in June 2015.

Many major sporting events have been played here, including the Super Bowl and the National Football Playoff Championships.

Keep reading to learn more about the U.S. Bank Stadium, this is home to the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings (Find out everything you need to know about Minnesota Vikings’ Player, Chris Kluwe here).

How Many Seats Are In U.S. Bank Stadium

The U.S. Bank Stadium was officially opened in July 2006. The seating capacity can differ depending on the event that the stadium is hosting.

Generally, the U.S. Bank Stadium has a seating capacity of 66,860, which makes the U.S. Bank Stadium have a slightly larger capacity than the old Metrodome had.

With that being said, the U.S. Bank Stadium can expand its seating capacity for concerts, soccer or special events like the Super Bowl. This increase can make a seating capacity up to 73,000.

Directions – How To Get To U.S. Bank Stadium

When it is event day, there are a couple ways to make your way to the stadium.

You can find the stadium on south Chicago Avenue in the East Town Community near Elliot Park.

On the U.S. Bank Stadium official website, they allow you to enter your home address, so that you can get personalized directions to the stadium from your home.

The address to follow to your stadium is the following: 401 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55415.

You don’t have to drive to the stadium, you can also use public transportation as the metro transit services run through the St Paul and Minneapolis areas.

Using public transportation allows you to have a much more hassle-free journey to and from the stadium.

If you do want to take the train, then you want to use the Metro blue and green line that will drop you right outside the stadium in no time.

Or there is a bus option with direct access to the stadium as well.

It is important to always make sure you are early to your event, so that you can find ample parking, if you drive.

Or you can make sure that you can get to your seats in plenty of time before the event begins.

Where To Park Near U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium doesn’t offer any of its own parking.

With this being said, there are public parking areas around the stadium that you can use, they just aren’t run by the stadium.

Therefore, there are various parking lots for you to choose from that surround the stadium, however, the capacities of these parking lots can differ depending on the type of event that is being put on at the stadium.

It is known that there are around 20,000 spaces that you can use between the stadium and Hennepin Avenue. All parking spaces are a 20-minute walk or less.

As you approach the stadium, there will be signs that will display all the parking lot options that you have and can choose from.

However, it is asked so that everyone stays safe, and there are no issues, that you follow the direction of the traffic and follow the parking staff.

It is known that you can use the Mills Fleet Farm Parking Garage, which is connected via skyway. It is important to note that skyway hours can vary, depending on the event.

Therefore, always check the U.S. Bank Stadium social media before starting your journey for any of the latest information.

Other U.S. Bank Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Health And Safety Protocols Regarding COVID-19?

The protocols can vary depending on the organizers of the event that you are attending at the stadium.

Therefore, it is encouraged to check the specific page of your event on the official U.S. Bank stadium website.

Generally, the staff at the stadium are still doing everything to provide a clean and safe environment.

Overall, face coverings are no longer mandatory, unless they are stated by the organizer.

However, they are still encouraged to be worn, but they just aren’t a requirement anymore.

In addition to that, the U.S. Bank Stadium is no longer accepting cash payments.

Thus, you must remember to bring your contactless payment methods or credit/debit cards with you.

How Much Is A Ticket At The U.S. Bank Stadium?

A ticket to watch the Minnesota Vikings in their stadium can vary. On average, a ticket can cost up to $117 to $191.

For a season ticket, it could be between $620 per seat up to $1,740. If you are looking at club seats these are the most expensive being between $2,150 to $4,200 per seat.

Are There Concessions At The Stadium?

U.S. Bank Stadium offers you a wide range of food for you to consume while watching the Minnesota Vikings play.

The food that is offered is all about showcasing the great flavors, cuisine and culture that you can find in Minnesota.

There is so much choice in food and drinks, that you definitely won’t be going hungry at the stadium.

In addition, there are also portable stalls that you can see while you are sitting in your seat during the game or event.

Finally, only those who are over 21 and can’t show proof of age are allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.

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