What Is Taekwondo Good For?

Taekwondo is a Korean based martial art which has been around for a very long time.

They teach more than just how to punch a pad or do really impressive techniques because it runs deeper than that.

It is great for kids as well because it builds them up to be confident and strong and also a great way to learn discipline.

What Is Taekwondo Good For?

This guide will be going through all of the benefits that come with learning Taekwondo and why you should start thinking about signing up.

Whether you are looking to get fitter, make new friends, learn something new, this is a hobby that you will have to commit to and give time to learn like any sport.

What Does Taekwondo Entail?

Taekwondo mainly focuses on self defense which is similar to many other martial arts where it is not the primary objective to attack in every situation.

It all depends on whether this is a professional sort or just a hobby.

In professional and Olympic level competitions it is all about the technique of your strike and how many points you can score.

Your Fitness

Learning Taekwondo will not only improve many factors about your discipline in life but also your fitness level.

Even if you aren’t at your fittest when you start, it takes a lot of hard work during training sessions through warm ups and cool down to get your body warm and the sparring sessions.

Because you are constantly on your toes, striking, blocking and defending, you are always on the move.

Even during learning the patterns, it is all about your ability to control your stability and balance to create momentum and power in your sequenced movements.

Fitness also comes with it because the more you train the fitter, more flexible and more agile you will become.

Your body will also be pushed at times with fitness sessions to improve your strength and especially your core strength.

Many of the strikes you will learn come from your core and hips.

It does not come from the power in your feet and fists, you need to be focusing on your body movement.

This is why you will also become more loose and have more of a flowing movement with practice.


Training classes all have diverse groups of people who you can meet and share a hobby with.

It is a great way to meet new people and build your confidence in this way.

Most people are usually quite nervous when starting something new for the first time, so it could also be a great idea to bring a friend along with you to put yourself at ease if you know someone who is looking to start a new hobby too.

In these types of classes for training, you will most likely be paired up with a range of different people to spar against and learn patterns with as well.

This is another great way to become more comfortable with the people in your class and a good way to learn from the people around you as well.


Another huge benefit for Taekwondo is building confidence.

If you are starting young or old, this is a great way to overcome any anxieties you have surrounding big groups.

A lot of people are usually in the same boat and it is a way to put yourself out there.

There are also gradings where you will be examined on your ability depending on what belt you are trying to achieve and move up to.

This is also a factor concerning confidence, being judged for your ability which can be nerve racking but it is all part of the process and is a great way to increase your ability to be more confident in yourself.

Moreover, when it comes to any MMA it all comes down to your personal journey and how much time you are willing to give up to practice and perfect.



Taekwondo is also all about respect and being courteous in who you are and how you carry yourself – especially around the dojang.

You should be looking smart and tidy with your belt tied correctly and the suit in good condition so you look respectable.

This also links to bowing when you leave to show respect bowing when you walk in no matter where you are training.

This is a very traditional type of MA and is much deeper than just learning how to strike.

It also teaches you about the core values and qualities to make you a better person.


Self-defense is one of the main things that this sport focuses on.

It teaches you how to defend yourself in situations where you might be attacked or even in competition scenarios.

Therefore, it can help you out in scary scenarios in real life and in comps.

There are also a wide variety of seminars and competitions you can enter around the world for this sport and compete.


In our final thoughts, we wanted to express the importance of how this sport teaches more than expected.

You will learn much more than you ever thought you would and might even meet a few new friends in the process.

Taekwondo is a sport that has many benefits and helps you from physical to less physical areas and can put you on a better path.

It also gives you something to be fully committed to and something you can excel and work your way up in and maybe even become an instructor yourself.

Hopefully this guide has outlined everything that is good and beneficial about the sport and if you are looking to get involved, has given you that push to give it a go because it might end up being something that you really needed in your life not only for fitness or powerful strike but also the learning side.

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