What Should I Eat Before A Taekwondo Session?

For any type of sport, you need to make sure you are eating before participating because it gives you energy to perform.

What Should I Eat Before A Taekwondo Session

You also need to make sure that you are putting the right food into your body that will help you be more effective in what you’re trying to achieve.

This guide will be outlining the best meals and snacks you should eat before going to your taekwondo class.

Why Do You Need To Eat Before?

It is very important that you are eating before any type of exercise and drinking too. This is because you need to make sure you are awake, have energy and are ready for physical work.

I’d you haven’t eaten or drank you will most likely be dehydrated and feeling weak and won’t be able to take part for very long. Eating right will also maximise how effective your learning is.

You need to be able to co concentrate when attending classes and if you are feeling hungry, you will be distracted and less likely to enjoy it.

Taekwondo is both physical and mental. Everything you put in your body will affect how you think and move. Your performance really comes down to your preparation and that is also what you eat.

What Type Of Diet Is Best?

To have an ideal diet you need a mixture of different types of food. You need to have plenty of protein and carbs which will provide you with energy and strength. You also need to be topping up in your fruit and vegetables for your nutrients.

The most important part of your diet will always be keeping hydrated – especially when it comes to physical exercise.

Drinking enough water will make a huge difference to your mentality towards your sessions and also your ability to focus and physically feel able to give your all every time.

If you are also looking to compete in competitions you will also need to focus on what weight you want to be competing at which will also fuel your diet.

Therefore, when looking at your diet and what you should eat, you need to match this with your training schedule and how much you are looking to do.

Many athletes tend to cut out most of the treats and processed food and focus on heavier and fuller meals. Most people use online support to be able to help achieve their weigh goals and it also dictates how you feel during your training sessions.


When you’re training, you’re looking to be eating more carbohydrates than usual because they release energy faster and training requires a lot of physical activity and effort. There are different types of carbs that are recommended such as:

  • Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Brown rice

These types of food will also help you train harder because you will have more boosters energy.


For any type of sport you will need to have a good source of protein in your diet. The reason for this is because it helps you recover from physical activity.

This also helps with people trying to build muscle because if you keep training but aren’t eating the right food, you won’t have the outcomes you need to progress.

This is why your diet is just as important as your physical training. You need to build your whole routine around having a good mentality of what you need to do.

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Pork

Before Training

You do not want to be training on an empty stomach because it could make you feel really sick and unwell.

You might also feel fatigued and lightheaded which is why you want to have a light snack before training and then have your protein and carbs after to help you recover.

It is best to make sure you’re having the correct amount of meals every day to maintain feeling healthy throughout the day.

If you eat something that is too big before training, it can slow you down and make you feel really bloated and heavier on your feet. This is definitely something you want to avoid.

Therefore, it is always helpful to have smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day to keep that routine going.

You want to be eating something small that contains protein and carbs about an hour before training which allows it to digest properly and stop you from feeling heavy.

Snacks To Consider

Bananas are a great source of carbs that are very easy to carry around with you and eat on the go.
Yogurt with fruit and nuts has everything you need in it and will fill you up but not make you bloat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Eat Before Taekwondo Training?

Eat Plenty Of Carbs

They should be consuming good sources of carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, beans, or any unprocessed carbs.

Taekwondo trainers always recommend their trainees to consume more carbohydrates before the training, as well as after. This way, trainees have more energy to boost their workout.


Overall, your diet is something you always need to consider when taking part in any training for a sport. You need to be prepared for physical and mental activity to be able to perform at your best, even in training.

By watching your diet, you are also looking to the future for your progress. Without a good diet, you will not progress to the stage you want to be at because it sets you up for the day.

Without this, your physical state will suffer more because you are not balancing them together.

Hopefully this guide has given you a good idea for what type of diet you need for your training and when to eat what type of food and what effects certain diets can have on your performance.

If you are looking to be more professional in this sport, you could also look at getting a nutritionist online who can help you fix your diet.

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