What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art form which takes a lot of dedication and practice to learn properly.

What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo

The extraordinary lightning quick techniques and stunning rotating  kicks which leave viewers in wonder have made this martial art famous all over the world.

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and is now practiced by millions of individuals all over the world, and there are numerous diverse styles.

This article will discuss the sorts of skills you need to acquire to be successful in Taekwondo.

Rules Of Taekwondo Etiquette

Taekwondo, like many other martial arts, is more than a game or even an art; it’s a way of life.

Taekwondo is governed by a system of belief based on five fundamental principles:

  • Respect: This refers to using proper etiquette and showing respect for others at all times.
  • Integrity: This is the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, as well as the bravery to speak up for justice. It requires practitioners to be truthful and act in accordance with strong moral ideals.
  • Perseverance: A taekwondo practitioner must be committed enough to persevere in the face of adversity in order to achieve their goal.
  • Self-control: This refers to the ability to exert control over one’s ideas and actions.
  • Indomitable spirit: This is a Korean notion that does not easily transcend into other cultures. To put it another way, having an indomitable spirit implies fighting for your values and convictions in the face of adversity.

Each Taekwondo class begins with the recitation of the pupil oath, which is as follows:

  • I will follow the Taekwondo principles.
  • I will show respect to the professors and elders.
  • Taekwondo will never be abused by me.
  • I shall be a defender of liberty and justice.
  • I intend to create a more peaceful society.

Now we know the basics of Taekwondo etiquette and the basic values that should be adhered to, let’s take a look at some of the moves you will need to learn to succeed in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Basic Blocks

What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo

Blocks’ purpose is self-explanatory: they deflect strikes away from you.

Here are a few basic Taekwondo blocks that any white belt should be familiar with.

Hand Block (Closed)

Your hands are clenched into fists when you use this block. Your hands resemble boxing guards.

Your arms parry your opponents’ punches as your hands guard your face. This position is designed to protect your head from attacks.

Arae Makgi – Low Block

To protect your legs from lower body strikes, perform this block with your outside arm. It’s done with a downward snapping action from your shoulders.

Ulgool Makgi – High Block

This shield protects you against strikes such as kicks to the face and head.

You stretch the second arm upward, palm facing out, with one arm pushed to your side.

Taekwondo Basic Stances

What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo

The objective of the stance is to provide structure and form to your actions and techniques.

They serve as the foundation for a variety of offensive and defensive strategies.

The two major Taekwondo Federations, World Taekwondo as well as the International Taekwondo Federation, have different names, foot angles, and stance widths.

Many positions, however, are shared by both.

Charyot Sogi – Attention Stance

The feet should be splayed at a 45-degree angle, and both hands are clasped at your sides in fists.

Your arms are by your sides, and your gaze is forward.

Joon Bi Seogi – Ready Stance

Begin by standing with the feet slightly apart and your left foot forward.

Your body and head are pointing forward.

Raise your hands to chest height, create a ball with your hands, then lower them to belt level while standing straight.

The distance between your fists and your waist should be a fist’s length.

Gyoroogi Seogi – Fighting Stance

This is a frequent aggressive stance in sparring. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and in alignment with one another.

You’ve got your chin lowered, your hands raised, and you’re ready to strike.

Taekwondo Basic Kicks

What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo

Although strikes are used in Taekwondo methods, this skill mostly relies on leg attacks, with kicking being a key part.

Ap Chagi – Front Kick

The front kick should be performed with more speed than force.

Among the first kicks students learn in Taekwondo is this one. It’s also one of the most effective maneuvers you can master.

To do this, bring your kicking leg’s knee to your waist and drive forth with the foot forward toward your target, striking and forcing them away from you.

Yeop Chagi – Side Kick

This is a lower kick that is intended to contact the body.

A side kick involves rotating the body 90 degrees and exerting power by straightening your leg.

Strike the opponent with the outside corner or heel of your foot, building momentum from your body and waist.

Dollyeo Chagi – Roundhouse Kick

This is a powerful kick that has appeared in numerous martial arts films.

Pivoting on the standing leg, twisting the hips, while straightening your leg when pivoting is how you perform the kick.

Either the forefoot or the instep of the foot is used to make contact with your opponent.

Punches In Taekwondo

What Skills Should You Have For Taekwondo

Punches are a must-have skill for each Taekwondo trainee.

In competitive Taekwondo, fighters frequently put too much emphasis on kicks while neglecting fist strikes – both performing and guarding against them.


Jabs are used to determine distance, catch your adversary unaware and create opportunities for powerful strikes.

It can also be used to entice opponents to attack, leaving them defenseless.

A rapid flip of the wrist using your forward arm is used to deliver the jab. As your arm stretches forth, your knuckles point to the ceiling.


The uppercut is an extremely effective move. It works well in close combat, striking the opposition’s jaw or body.


The rear of your hand is used to deliver a powerful strike.

You hit with the back arm then strike the foe with two knuckles while you swivel your body to produce power.

If your adversary is approaching you, this is a nice move to utilize.

Final Thoughts

Taekwondo is a useful skill which educates you in self-reliance as well as self-defense while also providing wonderful mental and physical exercise.

The hand and foot approach is based on a value system that emphasizes respect for oneself and others, as well as the value of doing the decent thing even when it is difficult. 

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