Which Kick Is The Hardest In Taekwondo? (And Why?)

When people start to practice martial arts and different combat sports, they often want to start with the basics before moving on to some of the harder stuff.

At the end of the day, we all need to remember what level we’re at, however, it can be nice to try some of the trickier moves when they become available to us.

If you’re wondering what the best type of method is for defeating your opponent, then kicking is always a good route to go down because of the effectiveness that comes with the techniques used.

Which Kick Is The Hardest In Taekwondo?

Of course, you want to conserve your stamina and use as little stamina as possible, so many people like to know what the hardest kicks are in Taekwondo.

We always recommend only trying moves and techniques that are within your skill range, so always talk to someone higher than you before attempting one of these moves.

That being said, follow the rest of our guide to find out which kick is the hardest in Taekwondo.

Of course, there are bound to be a few, so we’ll highlight some honorable mentions as well.

What Type Of Kicking Is Allowed In Taekwondo?

Before we highlight some of the hardest kicks in the world of Taekwondo, it’s important to explore which kicks are actually allowed to be performed.

You don’t want to be thinking of a method or technique that will ultimately, end with you being disqualified or told off by your mentor.

There are lots of different kicks seen frequently in Taekwondo, with many versions of jumping kicks, spinning kicks, and standing kicks being used to try and get the better of a partner or an opponent.

Because of how many different variations are out there, it’s probably easier to highlight the kicks that aren’t allowed, rather than the ones that are permitted.

Simply put, kicks to the head and the body are allowed with Taekwondo, which means you have a relatively big target to aim for.

However, kicks placed anywhere below the belt are strictly forbidden and will likely land you in trouble if you continue to do them.

Although, when practicing and training, you are expected to make a few mistakes from time to time, so don’t worry too much.

Which Kick Is The Hardest In Taekwondo?

Here are some of the hardest kicks in Taekwondo, presuming you meant the amount of force used, rather than the trickiest type of kick the re is out there.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the hardest kicks to experience and try out.

540 Kick

The first on our list, the 540 kick is also known as other names, so you might be thrown off a bit. This is also referred to as the inside turning kick or the tornado kick amongst a lot of fans of Taekwondo.

You might guess that anyone who performs this kick is spinning with their motion, which would make you correct!

This kick sees the person rotate 540 degrees before striking their opponent with their foot.

Many believe that the actual number of degrees should be 360, rather than the 540 figure we mentioned.

One leg is used for take-off before kicking and landing back on your feet. This is an advanced, dangerous, and powerful kick that we recommend is worth waiting for, rather than trying at the start.

However, we have to mention that this kick might not be the most practical in an actual combat situation, mainly being used in demonstrations.

Multiple Side Kicks

Multiple Side Kicks

This is another form of powerful kick and actually offers some kind of effectiveness in a practical sense, rather than just for demonstrations.

With the 540 kick, we mentioned that you leave the ground to generate a bit of power behind your kick, whereas this kick doesn’t feature any sort of airtime. This kick needs you to remain planted to the floor.

The knee of the leg that you’re using to kick will remain high and will resemble something out of a video game, like Tekken or Mortal Kombat, which is always fun! These kicks are designed to be used in a quick fashion so that you can frequently land blows on your opponent accumulating with one strong sequence.

This is a very versatile kick and allows you to pick different targets of the body in the same short amount of time, which is why it’s so popular.

Back Kick

Arguably the most powerful on our list, the back kick is regarded as one of the most dangerous kicks in Taekwondo.

This is a very precise technique that has seen opponents knocked back several meters when conducted properly.

This kick targets the mid-section of the body, which is one of the hardest areas to block throughout this sport.

Because of this, and the strength of the kick, you’re bound to find yourself struggling to defend against a back kick.

So blocking is usually fairly useless if you’re looking to soften the blow a bit. Unlike the other kicks on our list, this is a move that solely relies on the heel to be effective.

After the strike, you will see that your rear leg becomes your leading leg, which opens up the option for a follow-up kick of a different variety!

There are a few different subgenres to this kick, so we recommend doing some research before attempting to use it yourself.


That’s the end of our guide. In reality, there are a lot of other kicks that can be considered when it comes to the conversation about the hardest kick in Taekwondo, however, it all comes down to your personal preference and your fighting style.

If none of the kicks on our list appeal to you, then it might be worth doing some research in more depth.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t try anything that could get you injured because of inexperience, so make sure that the kicks you’re practicing are within your skill level.

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