Which Kick Is The Most Powerful In Muay Thai?

In the combat sport of Muay Thai, there are lots of different ways for you to take down your opponent and score points.

Which Kick Is The Most Powerful In Muay Thai?

Getting clean connections on your opponent puts you at a huge advantage should the fight last the full round capacity, however, there are some techniques and strikes that are more powerful than others.

You need to prioritize and use what works!

Punches, elbows, and legs are all used a lot throughout the combat sport, however, kicks are especially effective and can make a huge difference between winning a fight and losing a fight.

At the end of the day, you need to do what you can to win. But, which kick is the most powerful in Muay Thai, and which kicks aren’t allowed in the sport? Follow the rest of our guide to find out.

Illegal Kicks You Must Avoid

Before we get into the answer to the question, you need to understand that there are some kicks that just aren’t allowed in this sport.

Before you step into the ring and get yourself disqualified or hurt, you should read this next section quickly to avoid injury.

Kicking someone in the knees in Muay Thai is strictly forbidden because of the potential repercussions that can result from a bad kick to the knee.

First of all, you can condition your feet and your legs to withstand heavy blows, however, the knee is a different ball game entirely.

If you kick the knee wrong, then you can easily break your foot and shatter the bones.

Alternatively, you can inflict a massive amount of permanent damage and pain on the opponent if you kick their knee wrong.

They might struggle to fight again, or even walk! We know the sport is all about inflicting damage on the opponent, but permanent damage is never a good thing.

We must also stress that kicking someone in the groin is almost always frowned upon in fighting sports.

Because this is such a tender area, you can expect to be disqualified if you kick someone in the groin intentionally.

It gives you an unfair advantage and leaves them in a lot of pain from an illegal cheap shot.

The Most Powerful Kicks

There are a lot of different kicks that are used for varying scenarios, which will need to be decided based on the opponent and the type of fighter using the kicks.

Here are some of the most powerful, targeting different areas of the body.

Jumping Kick

One of the hardest kicks in martial arts, the jumping kick is used to stun and hurt the opponent, which can be done with ease when performed correctly.

The fighter must jump at the right time and aim to kick the opponent with a lot of power to have the desired effect.

With the height and power behind this kick, it’s no surprise why it’s one of the most powerful kicks in this martial art.

Which Kick Is The Most Powerful In Muay Thai?

Diagonal Kick

The diagonal kick is a powerful one when used properly, however, it is also one of the most versatile kicks in the world of combat sports.

Using the shin to target various areas of the opponent’s body, you can make sure that there are lots of different areas to aim for and cause damage to.

This kick is used to target areas such as the thigh, the back of the neck, the area around the ears, the lower ribcage, and the arms.

If you can hit some of these areas and notice your opponent becoming physically affected, you can start to target the same location over and over for emphasis. This is definitely one to watch out for!

Switch Kick

If you’ve ever heard of a roundhouse kick, then you might have a decent idea of what a switch kick is.

This is a variation of the roundhouse kick and requires the fighter to switch their stance quickly, hence the name. If you’re left-handed, then you’re likely to fight with your right foot forward.

When you kick with this method, your right leg will become the power leg, attacking the opponent’s opposite side.

This throws your opponent off of what you’re doing and will allow you to stay ahead of them mentally.

Just remember to switch back to the original stance when you’ve landed your kick so that you’re ready for your next move.

Straight Foot Jab

If you want a powerful kick that will counter your opponent’s attacks, then the straight foot jab is a good option to go for.

Also referred to as teep trong, this kick is a method that is similarly used in boxing, but with kicks rather than punches.

This is used to keep the opponent at a good distance away from you and prevents them from rushing you. 

There are definitely more powerful kicks out there, but if you want a powerful kick that you can use quickly, efficiently, and consistently, then this is a good option to think of.

Low Kick

The sciatic nerve is the widest and longest nerve found in the body, which is the target you want to aim for with this kick.

This is found at the lower back and with a swift, powerful low kick to this area, you can really do some damage to your opponent.

However, you can also target the thighs and legs, which will slowly break your opponent down and force them to lose endurance and power.


There you have it! There are lots of different arguments for which kick is stronger in Muay Thai, however, it comes down to what area you’re aiming for and the technique being used.

The jumping kick is often regarded as one of the most powerful kicks in the world because of the jump being used to execute the method.

However, other kicks might be better for different scenarios and will allow you to combine power with speed and consistency to get good results, slowly breaking your opponent down.

This will hopefully get you the win.

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