World Series Ticket Prices – How Much Are They And Why So Expensive?

A lot of us watch the World Series on TV every year, so many fans wish that they could go and watch a game in person at the stadium.

World Series Ticket Prices - How Much Are They And Why So Expensive?

However, tickets for the World Series are known for being very expensive. Therefore, the chances of anyone being able to get a ticket are quite low due to the high prices. 

The reason for such a high price depends on a lot of different factors. In this article, we will be discussing how much a ticket for the World Series is and why they are so expensive.

World Series Ticket Prices

The price of a World Series ticket varies every year. Yet in the most recent year, tickets for a single ticket have been as high as $2,000.

Since 2010 a single ticket have been purchased from between $400 to $6,000 each. In addition to that, stadiums make up their own minds on prices of ticket.

For example, in 2021, the average price in one stadium was around $1,293. 

Yet, in the same series, a ticket hosted at a different stadium was around $2,063. Then again, in that same series, the lowest price for a ticket at another stadium was $400.

Therefore, the tickets for the World Series are constantly changing and will change spending on the stadium you plan to go to. 

When Do World Series Tickets Go On Sale?

Typically, tickets for the World Series will go on sale in October, around the start of the month before the actual playoffs begin.

Fans of the World Series can purchase tickets for any teams that have already qualified for the playoffs. There is the option for a refund if your team doesn’t make it to the Fall Classic. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Major Baseball League Clubs will give priority to fans that want to buy single individual tickets rather than season ticket holders. 

Factors That Affect The Ticket Prices

The prices for World Series tickets are usually affected by several factors every year, which is why there is such a vast difference in prices. Some main factors include:

  • Size of the stadium and city that the game is being held at.
  • Where the seats are located in the stadium and their distance from the field.
  • When did the team last compete in the competition?

The length that the team last appeared in the World Series has a massive impact on the ticket prices. For example, in 2016, the Chicago Cub played their first game in the World Series since 1908.

The tickets for that game are said to have been sold for over $6,000 each. 

The Major Baseball League will set the initial price for the tickets, and the prices are decided on the amount of tickets that there are to sell.

Along with how much fans may be willing to pay for a ticket. A lot of factors are considered when it comes to ticket prices.

Sometimes, if a team is doing badly before they get to host a game, the resale ticket prices are known to drop quite a lot. In 2018, the Los Angeles Dodgers had lost their first two games, before they got to host their game. Thus, ticket prices fell. 

Which Game Are You Going To See?

In addition to that, certain games in the7 game series can be higher or lower than others. The first game in every stadium and in the series will go for a higher price.

While also the final game at a stadium and of the series will also go for an extremely high price.

Alongside that, once a team manages to win 3 games, every home game after will hold a very high premium price.

This is because fans want to be at the stadium for a big celebration once the game finishes. 

Tickets for games 2 and 4 will usually have the lowest prices for the whole series.

However, if a game becomes tired, then the prices will slightly rise. This is because fans will want to be at the next game to see who will take the lead. 

World Series Ticket Prices - How Much Are They And Why So Expensive?

Seat Position Affects The Price

Where you want to sit will affect your ticket price as well. If you don’t mind standing for the entire game, then you can pick up World Series tickets for as low as $200.

However, that does mean you will have to stand the entire time in the standing room only areas. 

Also, the proximity of your seat at home plate, can have a really influential effect on the piece.

It is known that if your seat is closer to the field than the pieces will start to increase, the closer to the field that you are.

In 2021, behind the home plate and dugout seats went for between $4,000 to $8,000 for each seat. 

Now, if you want a suite, you could be looking at a lower price, depending on the stadium. However, there is usually a minimum 20-person purchase policy.

The price of a suite can be between $800 and $900 per seat. However, the price will be affected by its location and any additional features the suite offers such as food delivered to the suite or a bar etc. 


World Series tickets can be very expensive and as you can see there are a lot of factors that will affect their price.

Prices can change every year, but you are looking to spend between $400 to $6,000 on a ticket.

However, it depends on the stadium, team and where your seats are located on how much or little you will have to pay. 

We hope you have found this article useful and now have a better idea on how much World Series tickets are and why. 

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